Here at servercraft the ops are really nice. Just for joining you get 64 wood and 1 diamond. After you make a house you will become a builder. If you build a nice house we will protect it for you. We have no grief tolerance, griefers will be jailed or banned depending on the intensity of the damage.
NO GRIEFING: Distorting something that isn't yours
No Stealing: That means killing someone to take their stuff
No asking for a promotion: This means don't ask for Op, gamemode, or becoming a builder.
No asking for items: "Can i have a diamond sword?" No
No over killing someone: That means don't kill the same person over and over again.
Follow these rules and you'll have a great time at servercraft :D. 

Admins on the server
Owner: Rageatm
Co-Owner: Megazombie101
Ops: Minecraftnewbiex, Anevilbanana, Arguingant0(Joe), Furiookami, Harroun, 
Moderator: C00lerth4ny0u, Fasttunner2, Pigassasin32, Superstringz

If you like this server please feel free to donate. If you donate to the server, you will be put in a group called "Donors". You will have access to a lot more commands.

Admin abuse is a terible thing because we trust each and everyone of our  admins. But if an admin does abuse you, you can report a ticket. 

For maximum effect of this server please use this texture pack. 
Also here is MCpatcher. 

A Small Tour of Our Server.

  For more videos on our server vist megazombie101's channel